Volunteering with us is a great opportunity not just to learn to work with the people of a different cultural background but also to get the first hand experience of learning the thrills and challenges behind working on a social initiative that strives for a radical change against the status-qua.
Our main objective behind inviting the volunteers is to expose the children as well as teachers to the people of diverse cultural backgrounds so that they acquire a broader perspective of life and the world. We expect this to help them grow into the members of a larger community who work as vehicle for world peace.
You must meet the following criteria if you wish to apply for volunteer position at our school.

  1. Completion of your high school level education
  2. At least an intermediate level of English language competency
  3.  Interest in working with children of all ages with an intent to support in the process of their growth and development
  4. Prepared to challenge oneself to adjust and live in different social and cultural setting
  5. Previous voluntary service at any other school will be an added asset


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