Amrita Lamichhane

12208288_961095367316291_59986102228259249_nAmrita is a grade three teacher at Kamane Academy. She has shown incredible capacity to adopt to new methods of teaching at the school and we have seen her working with much perseverance to help the struggling children and with much success !



Sunita Luitel

P7020801Sunita is a preschool teacher at the school. She has been very successful in creating a great bonding with the children she works with. We see her as one of our teachers with great potentials.



Bhawani Giri

P9220244Bhawani  is one of the most proactive teachers at Kamane Academy. The school has chosen to work with her to help her grow into a lead teacher for the promotion of integrated and experiential teaching learning methods in the classrooms.



Preeti Thakuri

IMG_1179 Preeti has been working as a teacher from 6 years before joining Kamane Academy in 2014, October. At Kamane Academy, she teaches English, Occupation Education and also coordinates preschool activities.




Shankar Khatri

10906571_10153521898260299_7832869870481419950_nShankar started his career as a school sports teacher around 16 years back before joining Kamane Academy in 2014. At Kamane Academy, he’s responsible for coordinating and managing all the administrative as well as extra curricular activities. He can be seen around working at school any time of day !




Menuka Chalagain

P9240189Menuka joined the school from the time when the school was taken over by the new leadership in August, 2014. In a short span of time she’s grown herself into an ideal teacher who cares for her students and learns from them everyday. She is an invaluable asset to the school.






Sudip Raj Giri

11205098_480261082122744_2296176550317146865_n Sudip Raj Giri is a parent of a girl who comes to the school. He realizes the importance of a meaningful education for the children of new generation for  development of a society. As an SMC head he leads the school’s management. He feels proud and overjoyed to be a part of this educational movement.



Pratibha Dangol

P7020789Pratibha has more than eighteen years experience of teaching at schools at different levels.In just few years of working as a teacher, she was able to relate the problems of society with the kind of education children get at the schools in Nepal. More than that she was concerned about the children who get tortured everyday to submit to the very inefficient education system created by adults without much consideration of what children are by nature.Thus she decided to take some action and started taking an initiatives for change. Currently, she’s working as a principal of the school and is also working collaboratively with the teachers and Beth towards extension of the school into The Global Wisdom Project.



Beth Norford

 P9081024Beth is the founder and director of Educational Alternatives Worldwide, a non-profit corporation focused on providing support and first-quality teacher training to schools around the world.She has been traving around South Asia from around twenty years supporting teachers professional development activities for different schools. Kamane Academy, that has more people in the management team, initially was a joint venture between her and the school principal Ms. Pratibha Dangol. Ms. Norford is constantly in communication with Ms. Dangol regarding the improvement of the school and she visits the school every summer to support with the further planning, strategy development and more specially for the school’s teachers professional development activities.


Sunita Khadka

11073823_868298103262685_8641742993225297297_nSunita works as a preschool children caretaker and admin help staff. She started working for the school when she was very young and she’s the oldest staff at the school. Now she’s 26 and those who have spent some time at the school can vividly see how she’s grown to be an excellent educator just out of her long experience of being around small children. Her creativity and the ability of working with the younger children is incredible !


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