Community Engagement

Parent Education : We see education as a holistic process of upbringing a child. The relationships and everyday activities at home and at school designs the social milieu that facilitates the holistic development process in children. If we look at children as a whole human being, we cannot undermine the importance of proper parenting to help children reach to their optimum level of potentials. Therefore, we put special emphasis on parent education . The school conducts frequent meetings with parents and  runs awareness building programs for the purpose.
Following are the parental engagement activities that we conduct on regular basis :
1. Curriculum sharing : In the begining of every academic session class-teachers share the curriculum for the year.
2. Parent trainings and orientations on positive parenting: School runs sort term training and orientation programs to inform and educate parents on effective parenting process.
3. One-on-one parent teacher meetings: Teachers invite indivual parents for intensive discussions on various aspects relating to the individual child.
4. Quarterly progress sharing meetings : Class-teachers hold meetings with the parents of individual student’s parents to discuss the students progress on quarterly basis.

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