• Educators can CHANGE the world !

    Educators can CHANGE the world !

    “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” ― Malala Yousafzai We are passionate about educating children because we clearly see that all the world problems can be best solved by […]

  • The School as a Learning Community

    The School as a Learning Community

    “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins Kamane Academy highly believes that teaching and learning are not separate but just two sides of the same coin. Therefore, we […]

  • Elephant in the room

    Elephant in the room

    That’s just like Hindus; they think religiousness is for old age” someone whispered disparagingly as I was taking my 60-year-old mum, who has been half-paralysed for the past 8 years, to a pool for baptism. […]

  • Go Fund Me Updates

    Go Fund Me Updates

    Great news! We’ve received our first donation from one of founder Pratibha Dangol’s former students. Thank you Milan! Here’s a message from Pratibha: Dear friends, I would like to say to you all that you […]


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Sunita Scholarships

Many families in Nepal cannot afford schooling for all of their children, and when it comes down to a choice, girls are often left out.
To address this inequity, EAW has partnered with the Global Wisdom Project to create a scholarship fund for girls. Just $1,500 covers the costs for a girl-child's tuition, books, and uniforms at Kamane Academy from pre-K through grade 8.
The scholarship is named for Sunita Adhikari, the Kamane Academy's longtime caretaker who works tirelessly to promote education. Sunita herself had to leave school at a young age to earn money for her family, and it is with gratitude and admiration that we have chosen to honor her commitment with this scholarship.
If you would like to sponsor a Sunita Scholar, you may donate via Paypal with the link below.