Our curriculum is designed in an integrated approach with Social Studies in the core. The class teachers take active role in developing the curriculum under the prescribed framework. The teachers team continually meet and discuss to keep timely progress in the curriculum framework. Nepali and English languages are used interchangeably as per the need of individual student and also ensuring meaningful interactions and exchanges in the classroom. The students up to grade three are free to use any of the two languages during social and scientific explorations ; during conversation as well as written work.
Preschool Curriculum
The focus of preschool is social ,physical, cognitive and emotional development. The classroom schedule is designed in a way that they get opportunity of engaging in balanced experiential activities on individual as well as group basis. Continuous and integrated assessment system has been implemented which doesn’t require children to sit for any formal exams or tests. Active , play based and hands on learning methods are used.

Early Primary( Grades 1 to 3)
The focus of early primary level at Kamane Academy is to instill love for learning with strong foundations on languages ( Nepali and English ) and numeracy. We’ve been successfully implementing integrated approach to teaching with Social Studies as a core subject. The curriculum is based on different themes that require students to engage in field trips, observations, interview, experiments and production projects. The activities are designed to ensure rich collaborative learning process. The students require to do minimal homework. Alternative approach to assessment have been introduced that doesn’t require children to sit for any kind of tests or exams. The teachers assess children on daily basis document their progress in notes and portfolios.

Upper Primary ( Grades 4 to 8)
Upper primary grades have one theme based study each quarter. The students engage in various experiential activities on regular basis based on Nepal’s national curriculum . The focus of upper primary level is to facilitate student’s learning independence , build character and support them towards academic excellence. The upper grade students go through combination of alternative and traditional methods evaluation system.