Recently, our school bid good bye to three volunteers from Germany who served at our school to support with English language skills improvement of our students. The volunteers were sent to the school by a Germany based organization Active in Nepal (AIN). AIN was founded by a wonderful German woman Ms. Wilma Mohr who served in the town of Nepal working for the  municipality office for more than 5 years. AIN also supports for dancing and singing programs in the school. All this support has hugely benefited the children at the school. Ms Wilma and her support to our school is highly appreciated !

Now Lets hear what the AIN volunteers have to say about Kamane Academy.

Felix Hofmann

12735983_10154558700975299_2062736103_nHello there ! My name is Felix Hofmann. I am 19 years old and I’m from Munich, Germany. I worked at Kamane academy from mid-October to mid-February in class 5 and 6 as English language teacher. Between November and December I held some ‘ improvement – lessons for the teachers too.
Coming from a fairly conservative country it is amazing to see teachers and students having a really close relationship. There’s a big festival in Nepal called Tihar. During that festival people go door to door singing and collecting money, rice, sweets etc. This school did exactly that ( students and teachers together ) . They raised a lot of money, which they donated to social aid programs on the area.
Another special thing about Kamane academy is that it’s strictly forbidden to hit kids. In most Nepalese schools that’s still a thing…..
I learned many things concerning friendship, the culture and how the people actually live here during the 5 months I worked here. It was great fun ! Thanks a lot to  the school and its entire family.

Nina Eibach

Hello everybody!

My name is Nina and I am 19 years old.

I come from Germany and I was working in the school from October 2015 to February 2016.I was teaching English in classes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

943949_1015137985245362_5616463004905510699_nWhat I learned about Kamane Academy is that most of the students really enjoy going to school.Kamane Academy is not only a place for them to learn things by hard, which is quite common in Nepal.Much more it is a place for the kids to have fun, to experiment, to test themselves and to cooperate with their classmates. I saw that the pupils were really living and not just working like a machine to learn…more and more.

The teachers try to do as many different activities as possible because every child has a different way of learning.They educate the children by doing group and partner work, learning games, art and craft, rhymes and songs and field visits.

I really hope one day I can visit this school again.

Thanks for the wonderful time!


Linda Worl

Nina and LindaHello everyone,

I’m a nineteen year old volunteer from Germany and I was at Kamane Bilingual Academy for two weeks in January 2016.

I’ve had a good time in classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 during that time. I also got to know about the school system of the academy with its way of teaching, which is very progressive in my opinion.

The teachers try their best to make learning easy with learning-games and learning-songs so learning can be fun for the pupils.

The pupils are mostly nice to each other and the teachers and the elder pupils help the younger ones with what they know, which is really good for both their learning processes.

10154190_1015137941912033_9058381660828889667_nAll in all, even if it’s been a bit exhausting sometimes, because kids are kids, I enjoyed the work at Kamane Academy and thank everyone for their kindness.



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