The school organizes different functions and activities to create a feeling of school as a large cummunity and to boost students’ confidence to face larger audience.
1. Annual Day Function :
It’s basically a fun program when children perform dance , singing etc in the front of their parents.
2. Children’s Day Party : It’s another fun program held on the day of International Children’s Day. The children participate in different fun activities and enjoy the typical Nepali party lunch together.
3. It’s My Turn: It’s a talent show program held class-wise( intra-class) in which the children invite parents and perform their talents infront of the parents in turn.
4. Reading Mela: Reading Mela is a big event held to promote students’ love for reading. They share about books and participate in various reading related fun games and activities.On this day important people are invited to read aloud children literature !
5. Art and Handicraft Exhibition: Each child has to create some art or handicraft to exhibit on this day.
6. Science Exhibition: On this day, the students make and exhibit something relating to science.
7. Poem Recitation Program: This program is held on Bhanu Jayanti. The grouo of interested students recite their poems in a very poetic atmosphere !
8. Drama Show : The classes hold internal drama competition. One selected group from each class starting from grade one get to perform infront of the whole school.