• Training the Teachers

    Training the Teachers

    Learning from Experience : Pedestrians crossing the Rapti river came across a group of women sketching images of the fauna and flora they could see. Later the same group of women waded into the water […]

  • Hear from the "Active in Nepal" Volunteers

    Hear from the “Active in Nepal” Volunteers

    Recently, our school bid good bye to three volunteers from Germany who served at our school to support with English language skills improvement of our students. The volunteers were sent to the school by a […]

  • Elephant in the room

    Elephant in the room

    That’s just like Hindus; they think religiousness is for old age” someone whispered disparagingly as I was taking my 60-year-old mum, who has been half-paralysed for the past 8 years, to a pool for baptism. […]